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Within its departments, the Museum owns more than 37.000 objects of applied art. Every year that found grows larger by means of acquisition and personal donation, after an expertise by the Museum's curators.

If you possess an object of applied art, whether it is a piece belonging to old epochs, or to the 20th century (glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, embroidery, jewellery, textile, old photographs, posters, clothes, furniture, etc.) and you wish to donate it to the Museum or to offer it for sale, please, call

+381 11 2626 494, +381 11 2626 841 (contact person: Bojana Popović, MA, museum advisor, secretary to the Acquisition Commission),

or contact the curator in charge through the e-mail address found on the Museum's web site.

NOTE: The Museum and museum staff don’t offer appraisals or authentications for objects.