A Calendar (illustration for the children's magazine "Zmaj")

Dušan Petričić, Belgrade , Serbia, 1974

wooden pencil, 24,5 X 34,5 cm,

MAA Inv. No. 9656

This was an idea, and a contribution, originally made for the "Zmaj" magazine; a work of particularly high quality of drawing. By its visual narration it belongs to the genre of caricature. And by its compositional structure the drawing has all the characteristics of one-page, one-scene strip-cartoon (comic). Petricic's graphics are a complex system of iconographic solutions with many re-combinations possible among them, without fear of repetitiveness. This work is characterized by an infinite space with a stylized figure of a mysterious little man with huge moustaches, a recognizable denizen of Petricic's visual world.

Dušan Petričić was a professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Beograd (Belgrade), Serbia, teaching the subject Book Graphics (Department of Applied Graphics, atelier Graphics and Book) from 1986 to 1991.

In 1990s he taught animation and illustration at the Sheridan College in Oakville near Toronto, Canada. He produced caricatures regularly (until 1969) for the high-circulation newspaper Vecernje novosti (which means "Evening News"); also for "Toronto Star", for "The New York Times Book Review"; for "Canadian Geographic" etc.

Today he lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Most important works: front pages for weekly magazines "Jež" (pronounced Yezh, meaning "Hedgehog", for humor), "NIN" (generally informative and political serious magazine), "Poletarac" (meaning "a fledgling", for children), for the illustrated books All That We Still Don't Have Is Dragons (in Serbian "Još nam samo ale fale"); Gulliver among Lilliputians; The Color of Things; Bone Button Borscht; The Tumbledown Hill etc; one-man-complete-author animated (cartoon) films Romeo and Juliet, Blue Rabbit, Journey, etc.

Awards: the "Pjer" ("Pierre") award for caricature in 1968 and 1982; October Award of the city of Beograd (Belgrade) in 1976; "Zlatno pero" (meaning, in Serbian, "Golden Quill") in 1972; "Golden Pencil" for animated (cartoon) film in Annecy, France, in 1989; Award at the International Board on Books for Young People, a selection of 100 best books for children in the world in 1998.