house/studio of sculptor mrđan bajić
hotel townhouse 27 in maršala birjuzova 56 and topličin venac 27 streets in belgrade
social services building in novo naselje in valjevo
individual families' row houses in belgrade
pionir hall of sports, belgrade
business building "anex", resavska no. 23 in belgrade
supermarket concept store, višnjićeva 10 street in belgrade
design of the exhibition in museum "25 maj" at 49th october salon
night club "the tube" in simina 21 street in belgrade
project of a hotel in bulevar kralja aleksandra in belgrade
business building textil in užice
orthodox church of the birth of the virgin

Branko Maksimović's Legacy
In charge of the Department: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović MA, Curator - Museum Advisor

The Department for Architecture, Urbanism and Architectural Design of Museum of Applied art was founded in 1974. The Department deals with the historiography, architectural theory, and architectural design of the 20th century, with a particular focus on Serbian architecture. The Department documents, researches, studies and exhibits works of architecture, urbanism and architectural design, aiming to present a wide range of forms and contents of the contemporary architecture with exhibitions of the known and less known architects, phenomena and movements and tendencies. In addition, the Department systematically realizes programmatic educational series about problems in historiography, architectural theory and design or everyday practice, as well as talks about architecture, interviews with architects and events – performances. The Department collaborates and communicates with numerous similar institutions and associations in the country as well as abroad. The special accent is given to the establishment of interaction between public, architects, investors, between the elite and the popular culture.

The Salon of Architecture:

The Department organizes the Salon of Architecture, an annual exhibition of the contemporary Serbian architecture, held in continuity ever since 1974. Until today, thirty two Salons were held. The Grand Prix of the Salon of Architecture is one of the most prestigious awards in the career of each laureate architect..
36th Salon of Architecture, 2014


The Department houses two bequests:
The bequest of architect Miladin Prljević (1900-1973) donated by his daughter, architect Vera Tošić, in 1981.
The bequest of Dr Branko Maksimović (1900-1988), architect, member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, donated in 1994 by his spouse Nada Pešic.