“Ah, those shoes!”

16 May – 31 December 2013

House footwear

The first part of the workshop focuses on the theoretical approach: children are guided through the exhibition and explanations are given as to objects displayed – female shoes, the period they were made in, what influenced their design, who wore them and on which occasions these shoes were worn.

The oldest exhibits displayed at the “Ah, those shoes” exhibition will serve as inspiration to children to make “house footwear” during the second part of the workshop. They will make house footwear – slippers of cardboard, textile and paper, put together by glue and decoratively painted.

This educative workshop is designed to represent in a creative way to pre-school and school children footwear as applied art objects and possible context within a museum display.

Workshop schedule:
03 June 2013
04 June 2013
05 June 2013
06 June 2013

Participants at the workshop:
Primary School “Vlada Aksentijević”, 3rd grade
Kindergarten “May Flower”, up to 5 years

Workshop concept:: Lea Zei