"Ah, those shoes!“

16 May – 31 December 2013

Ah, those shoes!

Thursday, 3rd October 2013 was the day when another art workshop accompanying the exhibition “Ah, hose shoes” was held. The senior school girls of the Grammar School “Ljuba Nenadović” Belgrade have been delighted with the exhibition display.

During the practical part of the workshop they made beautiful pieces of shoe models and sandals with heels decorated with puffs and feathers were their favourites ….

From the abundance of their creations we have chosen to represent achievements of Milica Blečić, Ksenija Mićić, Andrea Petrović and Jana Maksimović.

Workshop schedule
3rd October 2013

Participants at the workshop:
Primary School „Ljuba Nenadović“, Beograda

Workshop concept: Lea Zei

Andrea Petrović, 6th grade
Jana Maksimović, 7th grade
Ksenija Micić, 6th grade
Milica Blečić, 6th grade