„14th Ceramics Triennial“

11 - 31 May 2013

World of Ceramics
Prize of The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia "Kokan Đorđević"
Iva Kukurić
Laza and Friends, 2012
porcelain, 55 x 50 x 20 cm

My Pet

Practical Workshop

Making clay objects on given themes should in a creative way introduce children into the world of contemporary art ceramics during an educative two-day workshop. Children will be helped by the workshop’s guest Iva Kukurić, the winner of the ULUPUDS award "Kokan Djordjević" at the 14th Triennial of Ceramics.

The theme of this year’s World of Ceramics workshop is My Pet. During the two-day encounter the participants will make and paint clay objects (china clay).

Workshop schedule:
First day: 14th of May 2013 at 11 am
Second day: 17th of May 2013 at 11 am

Participants: pupils of the “Kralj Petar” Primary School

Workshop concept: Jelena Knežević