Date of the first workshop: 22 April 2010

Guests at the workshop: Students at master studies at the Faculty of Architecture

Guests at the videoconference:
Danilo Arsić, (Zaha Hadid Architects, CDRG - Computation and Design Research Group, London)
Jelena Ognjenović, GE student (currently in Shangai)

Participants: First-year students at the Architecture and Megatrend Faculties

The first workshop was designed for the first-year students at the Architecture and Megatrend Faculties and the second one was designed for the third and fourth grade pupils attending the Civil Engineering School. Generating paper forms (by folding and cutting) during the practical part of the workshop resulted in fractals which may find use in architecture due to their architectonic qualities.

At the beginning the workshop participants were guided through the exhibition of the 32nd Salon of Architecture after which former attendants of the Generic Explorations course at the Faculty of Architecture presented their works. There followed two video conference participations from Shanghai and London with authors who have already attended the mentioned course and now work and specialize in well known companies and universities of architecture and design.

More information on the participation of the Faculty of Architecture in the mentioned Museum workshop at:

Photographic recording: Veselin Milunović
Technical support: Dejan Nikolić, Museum of Applied Art
Professors mentors: Dr. Ljiljana Petruševski, Faculty of Architecture and Dr. Mirjana Devetaković, Faculty of Architecture
Exhibition curator: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović MA, Museum of Applied Art
Coordinator of the workshops: Jelena Knežević, curator collaborator at the Education Department of the Museum of Applied Art

Works of the participants: