48th Children's October Salon
Children Are The Source Of Life

48th Children's October Salon
Children Are The Source Of Life
4 - 24 October 2013

A Review of Children's Works

The art works by children that were sent to this year's open competition for 48th Children's Salon represent the world that, interpreted by children's apprehension in the process of creation, becomes more beautiful, more vivid and more generous. Using various techniques, such as collages, drawings, batik, print and photography, children represented themselves and their vision of the world through play, companionship and love for family, school, day care or kindergarten, sport, pets, imagined beings, objects and phenomena.

How to keep time to play? Children aged five to seven tried to provide an answer to this question in their work Lion Who Guards the Time for Play, from the children's club of the preschool institution "Childhood Days" with their art pedagogue Jasmina Obradović and pedagogue Mirjana Vranić. Yelded from the children's imagination, and transferred by the children's hands, a formidable lion guards the most precious thing – he guards time, but not any time; it is time for playing, because playing is a serious business. Playing develops and promulgates friendship, and that friendship is important is witnessed by photograph titled The Best Friends, by Saša Drač, a seventh-grade student of Primary School "Vasa Pelagić" from Belgrade. Speaking about friendship, we must mention here the works by Petra Ivanović (age six) and Pavle Arizanović (age six) from the preschool institution "Boško Buha", who in the co-operation with the art pedagogue Mirjana Dimitrijević represented the idea that play is friendship and companion with jumping rope in park and playing basketball on a basketball court, using batik as their main artistic techique.

The influence of applied arts is present at this year's October Salon, too. A series of shoes of different sizes, shapes and colours, from more elegant evening dress shoes with high heels, to flats and the ones with flowers added, to children shoes with ties and without them, made in paper mache, are works made by the second-grade students of Primary School "Milan Đ. Milićević", who created their shoes aided by the art pedagogue Marijana Pejatović.

Students of the lower grades of the French School are showing that shoes can be represented in ceramics. Working in "Damm Ceramic Studio" in the co-operation with art pedagogues Marica Jovićević-Petrović and Mihajlo Petrović created in white clay: one ceramic little blue boot with pink strap (Anđelija Arsić), one blue flat with yellow-orange bow (Emerian Mathilde), a black flat with elements of blue and damascene and textile bow (Ema Popović) and a small ceramic low heel mule (Emerian Mathilde).

Mail Art was the main subject chosen by the students of Primary School "Branko Ćopić" from Belgrade, who in the co-operation with its art pedagogue Nataša Ivanović, sent to our open competition their Mail Art Cards. Inspired by the art movement which emerged during the 1960's, the characteristic of which was mailing of art materials so that they would roam the world and link people, these students offered very interesting solutions. Several fifth-graders stood out with double sided visual solutions. In their Mail Art Cards Sofija Damnjanović represented an ornament, Đorđe Nešković represented sailing boats, Maksim Kumprimović represented the space, and Luka Škorić automobils. Mail Art Card with a representation of a woman on bicycle, out of whose purse there stick envelopes, is work by eight-grade student Sara Biševac. Beside its visual part, its illustration, this work also contains following messages:

Smile is same in all languages!

Such as water flows out of a bucket, if there is even one tiny hole on it, the soul of man will keep no joy if there is not love in him...

Jelena Knežević

The text A Review of Children's Works can be downloaded as PDF file:
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