48th Children's October Salon
Children Are The Source Of Life

48th Children's October Salon
Children Are The Source Of Life
4 - 24 October 2013

Opening ceremony: Friday, 4 October 2013. at 18:00

Granting diplomas and awards: Thursday, 24 October 2013 at 18:00

Curators of the exhibition from Department of Education MAA: Angelina Folgić Korjak, Museum Advisor and Jelena Knežević, curator.

Organization: Museum of Applied Art

Children Are The Source Of Life

Children's October Salon once again rallied new fledgelings, those little authors who made their first steps in art sphere with their expression of their authentic childhood visual experiences. In the art works created by the youngest ones, selected at the open competition among the most successful works of applied arts, this year's Salon features the subjects of play, of growing up in family, of play and playmates, of love and of joys of life.

New generations of today make their first acquaintances with art already during their very first days in day care institutions, in classrooms and small art studios. Children enjoy exceptional opportunities to try themselves in art works that, aided wholeheartedly by their art pedagogues, become unrestrained in their free interpretation. This is the group of exhibitors that stands out at this exhibition and among them are also those who had already established themselves at the previous salons. In the same fashion, there is an ever growing number of new private initiatives for creation of small, intimate, studios for working with the youngest children. During the season, in these small studios, the component of the work which is the most appropriate for their age is being revealed, that is, the one which is the most appropriate for the development of the potentials of these little passers-by.

In this year's selection there are works created by children who worked together with art pedagogues who are traditionally present and proven at annual exhibitions of Children's October Salon, and who are working in primary schools. These pedagogues have been nourishing their artistic and pedagogical approach in working with children of up to fifteen years of age, and promoting actual values that are present and recognizable in contemporary applied arts. Immediately after their graduation from art schools, young artists show their inclinations to specific techniques of applied arts such as ceramics, applied graphics, illustration, caricature and similar. Distinguished, by their vocation, are Nataša Ivanović, Dragana Ristić, Maja Vasić, En Jovović, Elena Antonijades, Ljilja Perunović, Vida Mojsin-Rauški.

The traditional co-operation of Museum of Applied Art and Children's Cultural Center in Belgrade gained another vivid confirmation at this Salon of our dedication to mission to promote creativity in pursuing of new creative dimensions.

The constant flow of creative expression finds its reflection in a child's eye, and offers a child's imagination new impulses for creativity.

The role of the Children's October Salon is to develop children's natural inclinations toward understanding of the world that surrounds them. In this process, art works hold exceptional place in opening of new dimensions in children's souls, which expres themselves in realized creations.

Children aged five up to fifteen years from Belgrade and other cities in Serbia participate at the exhibition with 176 works.

Angelina Folgić Korjak

Photographs from Opening Ceremony

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