47th Children's October Salon
Belgrade, City of Culture – Children's Artistic Attraction

47th Children's October Salon

To Belgrade With Love

The first mention of Belgrade in Serbian literature was made in the papers of the archbishop Danil II1 who wrote about the arrival of the Byzantine princess Simonida, wife to King Milutinin 1315. She was to meet Dragutin, brother to King Milutin, and his wife Catalinain Belgrade.

Thanks to the Life of Despot Stefan Lazarević written by Bulgarian writer and philosopher, Constantine the Philosopher (1380-1431) it is known that Belgrade had been mentioned in the charter this ruler had issued on the occasion of the reconstruction of the town in 1403, when it became the capital of the Serbian medieval state. "Having arrived here, I found the most beautiful place ever, the great town of Belgrade which was ruined and neglected, so I had it built and dedicated it to the Most Holy Mother of God…"Belgrade remained a town dedicated to the Most Holy Mother of God, while the Saint Patron's Day of the town became the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ Day. This holy day (zavetna slava) symbolically represents the Ascension i.e. the rising from the ashes of the city and hopes for good prospects in the future.

Many have honoured Belgrade with the best of their achievements and thus became part of its history. Vasko Popa, Duško Radović, Desanka Maksimović wrote verses about Belgrade and Ivo Andrić, Miloš Crnjanski, Momo Kapor, Rabindranath Tagore wrote pagesabout it.

Good Morning, Belgrade

Belgraders, love and keep Belgrade safe.
Belgrade has you only.
Take your children or grandchildren to the Book Fair,
They can be saved only if they would do and love what you didin't have.
Who was lucky enough to awake this morning in Belgrade
He should't ask for anything more in life.
More than that would be immodest.

Duško Radović

1Serbian archbishop from 1324 until 1337.