47th Children's October Salon
Belgrade, City of Culture – Children's Artistic Attraction

47th Children's October Salon

Mosaics Workshop

On the occasion of the 47th Children's October Salon

The Mosaics Workshop was held in the Museum of Applied Art from 18th to 23rd June 2012. It was designed for children of eight to sixteen years of age. Participants were introduced into the art of mosaics by lectures and by creating their own mosaic pieces using classical procedures with natural materials either in the museum lecture room or in the workshop. Participants would prepare sketches on paper which they were then copied onto copy paper sheets. These drawings served as base for applying tesserae using glue prepared with flour and water. Tesserae (small squares of stone) were of natural origin, cut to smaller dimensions of different structure, colour and hardness. Museum workshops proved we can inspire and motivate children to stay focused on organized activities even for five days and successfully complete given tasks. It has been proved that children could follow the entire process and that they were proud of their accomplishments. There were 17 mosaic pieces created and they will all be exhibited at the 47th Children's October Salon.

Petar Vujošević, painter and the workshop trainer is member of the art group Ametist engaged in the art of mosaic and in promotion of mosaic heritage related to important historical mosaic sites which are preserved in our country. The mosaic fragment from Kosančićev Venac in the central area of Belgrade belongs to the antique period at the turn of the first century and is part of the mosaic floor of the excavated Roman palace discovered by Gordana Cvetković Tomašević.

This fragment inspired us to deal with mosaic and include in our activities historical experience which connects us with ancient people who cherished the beauty of the antique world art.

Museum moderation: curators Angelina Folgić Korjak and Jelena Knežević

Author of Photographs: Veselin Milunović

Photographs of Workshop

Photographs of Works

Vanja Vlaisavljević, 12 years old
Jovana Pećanac, 11 years old
Nina Ćuprić, 13 years old
Bojan Ilić, 12 years old
Danica Petrović, 13 years old
Ivana Žula, 13 years old
Mia Ramovš, 13 years old
Simona Radojević, 12 years old
Jovana Iković, 12 years old
Marija Iković, 11 years old
Aleksandra Kujović, 12 years old
Olga Bunčić, 11 years old
Kristina Orlić, 6 years old
Sofija Vujić, 8 years old
Una Glišić, 11 years old
Janja Bilbija, 13 years old
Vladana Sušić, 12 years old
Mina Stepanović, 12 years old
Teodora Višnjić, 13 years old
Sofija Orlić, 10 years old