47th Children's October Salon
Belgrade, City of Culture – Children's Artistic Attraction

47th Children's October Salon

The Gallery of Young People's Art, Celje

Costumes and Traditional Dances of My People

International exhibition of children's art of the Gallery of Young People's Art in Celje, Slovenia is visiting the Museum of Applied Art and as an accompanying event of the 47th Children's October Salon will present selection of works exhibited at the recent 17th award winning competition of the Gallery on Costumes and Traditional Dances of my People.

Selection of the best works awarded at the last competition in 2012 will bring closer to us the works of children aged four to eighteen from 48 states (Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Estonia, Philippines, Greece, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldavia, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Soudan, Tibet, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka). There will also be exhibited some of the works from the 15th and the 16th competitions held on the same topic.

Mihajlo Lišanin founded in 1995 the journal Likovni svet and initiated organization of fine arts competitions and exhibitions followed by many contacts and visits abroad. The permanent member, jury chairperson and partner to the project from Belgrade is Svetlana Vešić-Ralević, head of the Fine Arts Atelier Artino, whose mediation made possible the visit of this exhibition to Belgrade. The Gallery of Young People's Art in Celje has been known under this title since2000. The journal Likovni svet covers general topics of fine arts creativity in painting, sculpture, graphic art and photography and is targeted at academically educated artists,fine arts teachers and children.Activities in art and education focused on children's art enabled communication with participants from 102 nations and establishing of a very rich collection with 120,000 pieces of work.

The engagement of Mihajlo Lišanin in liaising people in the field of fine arts and the promotion of fine arts and culture of the young in his capacity of author of the project International Competition for Fine Arts Achievements of the Young, International Graphic Art Workshop and the founder of the Gallery of Young People's Art of Stari Grad, Celje and the review Likovni svet, earned him many prizes such as the Golden Key given to honorary guest of the town Villa Constitution in Argenitina, unique plaque by the minister of education of Turkey, memorial plaque of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, medal to the honorary guest of the place Montana in Bulgaria, honorary guest to Bangalor, India and winner of the coat of arms of the town od Celje.

Children coming from different cultural background have the oppportunity to represent the specific visual language characteristic for traditional values such as costume and customs of the peoples they come from. It was most inspiring to organize these meetings of different cultures and represent the richness of art and visual creativity shaped by childrens' imagination. There are works which show mastering of techniques and media used and sincere universal messages sent. This unique gallery that cherishes folklore as part of the global experience will offer opportunity to the visitors to learn more about wo