52nd Children's October Salon
Music Is the Best

42nd Children’s October Salon


18 October - 18 November 2007

In order to encourage the pedagogues from various ambiences and with varied experiences to accept design as natural feature of their work strategy, they and their students were invited by the organizers of the current 42nd October Salon to work in design. Their first assignment was to design the logo and the title of The Children's October Salon. The question was: "Which should be the best sign, the symbol to use for the Logo?" The second task was to design The Museum's mascot which would bring the world of The Museum closer to them – a likeness, a figure, a creature, a model, a doll: a Museum Boy and a Museum Girl. The design of the products for the museum shop, meant for the youngest visitors, was their third assignment – gifts, greeting cards, photo albums, key chains, picture-, photo- and glass frames, pillows, "goofy" gifts, and similar. As usual, along with the proposed theme-assignment, all other free and spontaneous children's works, independent from the theme of design, were accepted.

Here, The Museum made its own impact, though, since exceptional design often originates from a combination of tradition and revival. The program covers several areas, such as graphic design, object design and fashion design. Children's imagination comes forward in an extraordinary way, as they combined the elements of phantasm and rationality. The students could create new products by investing a spontaneous, innocent, joyful perspective in visual projection of their conceits. A small fortune, a true fair of varied images, objects and products, these exhibits offer us the enjoyment in trifles, in little joys that remind us of the values of fine manners, care and love for children and all the people, adding to our everyday existence.

Beside the children from schools and institutions from Belgrade and all over Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro, this year's Children's October Salon features the international exhibitors – the children from École Français de Belgrade, as well as those from Italy.

Exhibition Curator: Angelina Folgić Korjak, Museum Advisor, Department of Education